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Hello, I’m Mike Reeves, I’m a member of the Society of Staffordshire Artists and this is my Gallery Store.


Please look through my art work, and if you would like to buy any, you’ll find it’s easy to do on this website. Just click on the art you like and you’ll see it in larger formats with more information.


3D artwork
Gate £500 92cm x 92cm-Acrylic-and-card

A painting that is partly 3D bas relief. The cardboard modelling at the base of the gate and tree is raised and coated in PVA transparent acrylic so is both strong and durable.

The inspiration for this work was simply from the swirls of movement from an old briar, and the contrasting sways of the background fields, with the gate itself as the focal point holding all these shapes and textures together.







Mike Reeves - Gallery 5
Industrial Blast £350 Acrylic and card 79cm x 100cm

This painting is also a 3D bas relief. Many of the structures are raised from the canvas, and being coated in a transparent acrylic compound, are extremely strong and durable. I feel it would lend itself well to be hung in an industrial or corporate environment.

During some of my early years I became fascinated by the abstract beauty and power of industrial complexes. Shelton Bar, and its steel rolling mills in Etruria, Stoke-on-Trent, was the inspiration here. The whole area would light up a vivid orange as the massive blast furnaces opened. The complex patterns of the structures lend themselves to my love of sculpture.







Mike Reeves - Gallery 4
Fertile Pasture in Springtime £450 56cm x 46cm Oil and Acrylic

A simple, neglected Cheshire field, with the diversity and abundance of natural growth. The use of spray and resists helps create a series of natural though controlled textures that help to enhance the beauty of the paints and the subject material.

This would fit very easily into most domestic environments.








Nocturne Riverside £300 Acrylic 104cm x 84cm

Inspired by the Manchester Ship Canal views and Whistler’s ‘Old Battersea Bridge’!

This is a large painting evoking an impression of peace and tranquillity with the distant complex of an industrial background.








Mike Reeves art
Nebula Clusters £250 Acrylic and Oil 51cm x 76cm

Nebula Cluster art
Nebula Clusters 1 £300 Acrylic and Oil 51cm x 76cm

Nebula Cluster art
Nebula Clusters 2 £300 Acrylic and Oil 51cm x 76cm









I love to create and show the natural properties that different media can have. In the case of these Nebula Cluster paintings the textures formed by resistant materials, acrylics against turps, and oils against water, using sprays, gravity and brush to determine flow and shape. The incredible shapes seen from some of the NASA space photographs link so well with this approach.

These works would particularly suit a modern spacious environment with neutral-colour wall surfaces. A complex technique that can be created with a particular colour scheme in mind.




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