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Mike Reeves - Gallery 5
Lakeside Patterns Cumbria £500 Acrylic 79cm x 100cm

The inspiration here was very much from the patterns of the water and the stones beneath, in contrast to the sweeping structures of the mountainside behind – truly opposing forces.

This would fit either a large domestic environment or a Lake District hotel.







Mike Reeves Art Education
Opposing Forces in Derwentwater £430 Acrylic 65cm x 65cm

Another in the same series of the Lakeside Patterns above. Its smaller size would fit easily into any domestic situation.

The price reflects the freedom of the purchaser to select their own style of frame.









Mike Reeves - Gallery 7
Old Sweden Bridge Ambleside £500 79cm x 100cm

Another painting in the Lake District series. The distant rolling hills contrast with the broken debris of the river boulders and the surging torrent of the foreground water dropping off the edge of the canvas. Can you hear the roar? The old packhorse bridge acts as a focal point to the power beneath it.

This is a large painting that would suit a spacious domestic or corporate situation.







Mike Reeves - Gallery 3
0ld Timberyard Northwich £600 84cm x 105cm Acrylic, card and pva 3D, 3″ depth

This is a bas-relief (3D), part painting and part sculpture. The strong horizontal lines of the timber beams angle out of the canvas, in some cases as much as 4cm. Though made of thick card they are coated in a transparent pva solution and are therefore quite strong and durable.

The inspiration came from an old wood yard, along by the canal, near to the old Lion Salt Works on the outskirts of Northwich, Cheshire. The composition is really about the opposing forces generated by the strong horizontals of the old stacked timber, and the strong verticals of the dilapidated storage sheds in the background, and the encroaching grasses in the foreground.







Mike Reeves - Gallery 3
2-4-2 corroded growth £350 Acrylic 79cm x 100cm

Another example of opposing forces. Here the gorgeous patina and colours of the rust and corrosion of the old steam engine intermingle in contrast with the softer wavy lines of the grasses and weeds slowly subsuming it.

The forces of nature working together, but in two different ways, enjoined in a rich pattern of colour, shapes and texture.

A visually powerful piece that would suit a large bland wall.







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