Gallery 3


Mike Reeves - Gallery 3
Buttermere, Acrylic and resists, £350 50cm x 36cm

The textures and effects created by water-based acrylic and oil and spirit base substances create some very different effects than just paint alone. On to this I paint in a fairly conventional way, but sensitive in allowing the above to visually work together with the painted imagery.

In this way I feel it takes the whole of the composition into a different genre, especially when seen close up.

A small painting that would fit easily into any domestic environment.






Mike Reeves - Gallery 3
Canalside Potteries £250 Acrylic 70cm x 50cm

An impressionistic rendering of a number of different potteries scenes following the Trent and Weaver canal from Hanley to Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent. The textural application of the paint helps give the surface effect relating to the rustic atmosphere of this slowly disappearing scenery.

A small painting that would fit easily into any domestic environment.






Mike Reeves - Gallery 4
City Sclerosis, Acrylic and Oil, £350 79cm x 100cm

A painting full of vigour, movement, depth and atmosphere. The middle and foreground treated differently to the background, which is softer in contrast. Here the paint has been applied quite thickly so the whole impression is of an evening city-scape rendered with brush strokes and layered texture. The whole effect having a daring abstract quality about it!

A large painting needing a large bland wall.






Mike Reeves - Gallery 4
Coniston Water, Acrylic, £350 78cm x 65cm

Inspired by the wonderful sense of vertical patterns. The scene is from the southern end of Coniston Water, in the Lake District, where the grassy marshland eventually gives rise to the waters of the lake.

This is a painting that would easily blend into a domestic environment, and given the right colour schematic could relate very well with the right sort of soft furnishings, etc.









Mike Reeves - Gallery 7
The Dingle, Betley, in Spring, Acrylics, £550, 79cm x 100cm

A fairly large painting, where I have endeavoured to capture the vitality of new life emerging from the woodland floor, and the dappled light emerging through the young foliage.

The background hues take the eyes through to the edge of the hill which would drop down into another part of the wood.

An impressionistic composition using acrylic colours in a very bold, applied manner. This would fit very well in a domestic or corporate situation where there are spacious wall facilities







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