Gallery 4


Mike Reeves Staffordshire Artist
The Copse £300 Acrylic 79cm x 66cm

An experimental piece, which is both sculpture and a painting. Many of the tree structures rise from the board on to which it is painted. As the viewer moves sideways to it, the shapes and colours change slightly.

The cardboard shapes are coated with clear PVA and so are both strong and durable.

The work comes complete with a large flat painted frame, created to offset the 3D qualities of the composition, especially when hung on a wall.





Mike Reeves Staffordshire Artist
The Dingle at Betley in Autumn £650 79cm x 100cm

Despite the power and the vigour of the paint and its application, this is a scene of quiet contemplation. The last of the year’s foliage gently settling on to an already multi-coloured parapet below.

The denuded trees forming both curved and rigid structures, with the abstract quality of the interplay of light in the background.

Oil paint is layered on top of the acrylics in certain areas, giving an even bolder and richer effect, the two media working very well together.





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